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NAF Employment

When you are an NAF employee you work for the Government and are considered a Federal Employee. Unlike civil service salaries are not paid by funds appropriated by the U.S. Congress but instead are supplied by the various facilities that are part of and usually located within a U.S. Military base. This would include positions located at sites ranging form clubs, athletic centers, golf courses, lodging sites just to name a few. The types of positions include a very wide variety and opportunities exist for people with a wide range of kinds of skills and education.

NAF positions may include both regular and flexible employees. Flexible positions have schedules that are based upon the needs of the position with some positions that can even require up to 40 hours a week but do not offer full benefit packages. Regular positions do offer benefits and like the Flexible positions have hours that can range. These usually are from 20 to 40 hours a week dependent upon needs and requirements of the type of job.
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